Our Rooms

Baby Room

The day nursery’s baby room provides childcare for new-borns to toddlers up to two years. The room has a plentiful supply of toys, books, art materials and instruments to assist your child’s learning.

There is a dedicated area for rest and sleep as well as a space where children can share stories and quality time with their nursery nurse, who will supply plenty of cuddles. The nursery nurse assigned to your child will be their constant point of contact so that they can develop a rapport, to become acquainted with their unique personality, which will ensure your child does not become anxious.

Making your child feel valued is central to our ethos. Prior to enrolment we will provide opportunities for you to have several visits and settling in periods so that the environment is familiar before they start properly.

You can be assured that their individual needs will always be considered and that they will be encouraged, praised and stimulated so that they are always learning and progressing.

Toddler Room (2-3 Years)

This day care nursery room is for children who are in their toddler phase. They are becoming more curious about the world around them and the people in it. They will test their boundaries and develop their personalities from being babies to little independents. Because of the energy this age group have they will spend as much time as possible outdoors so that they get plenty of physical exercise.

The room is bright and spacious for your child to thrive and explore at their own pace. They will have a free choice of activities and resources to take part in throughout the day.

Pre-school (3-5 Years)

This preschool nursery room is for children who are evolving from toddlers into infants. They are more independent and less boisterous now and are able to adapt to a more structured learning environment, supported by a balanced Curriculum.

Here we will gently prepare your child for the transition to school. Again they will be assigned one key person who will encourage them to develop a wider range of skills in a fun, warm and enjoyable setting still focusing around play.

Again where possible your child will be able to make good use of our outdoor facilities where they can also get to understand nature, science and the environment whilst refining their motor skills.

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